This is an industry-wide issue and can happen right away, years later or never. *Can I Change the Sheen of the Topcoat? See video tutorial: Tips on Storing Leftover Finishes Stain Blocker may improve adhesion and prevent bleed-through for painting projects. It’s fine for a decorative piece that will receive light traffic. Water-based products do not last forever, even when unopened. High Performance and Flat Out Flat can also be sprayed. Keep lid closed while working. If you decide to paint over them, apply 3 coats of Stain Blocker first; however, we cannot guarantee adhesion or bleed-through blockage. Pine, mahogany, and furniture of the 1940s and 50s are a red flag. Not a true casein based milk paint but a modern version of old world paint Alternative storage containers for water-based products are plastic FIFO bottles or glass bottles. FIRST AID: Prop 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to Ethylene oxide, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Apply liberally than you did previously without heavy back-brushing. All water needs to evaporate is sufficient air movement. Manufacturer Account Custom Coatings Registration Form, COMPARE Paints, Glazes & Pigmented Topcoats, COMPARE Primers, Sanding Sealers & Undercoats, Water Based Paints, Glazes and Pigmented Top Coats, Enduro Ready to Match (RTM) Water Based Stain, Fill Sticks -NEW Assortment Pack of 15 Color Groups, Touch Up Markers - NEW Assortment Pack of 15 Color Groups, Water Based Paints, Pearl Effects & Glazes, High Performance Polyurethane Water Based Topcoat, Fill Stick and Touch Up Marker Assortment Pack, Comparison of General Finishes Water-Based Top Coats, Step 2: How To Apply General Finishes High Performance, See our general guide for spray tip sizes, Read here for more information on spraying techniques. Always include a clause in your contracts addressing the need for additional coats to achieve coverage. Enduro Clear Poly is designed for professionals that routinely spray their finishes. I used this flat water-based High Performance topcoat to seal and protect a coffee table I had refinished with chalk paint. The One I Applied Is Too Shiny. Topcoat or Wax? What is the difference between professional Enduro Clear Poly and High Performance Topcoat? It is not recommended as a deck finish. Satin High Performance Polyurethane Interior Topcoat Model# GF.QTHS $ 32 35 $ 32 35 ... General Finishes 1 qt. No, it is too thin. Rating. More, America's Leading Manufacturer of Innovative Water-Based Wood Finishes. Enduro Clear Poly is a high-performing commercial-grade water-based topcoat fortified with polyurethane that delivers a tough, durable and abrasion-resistant finish.Clear Poly can be used on any project where more solids (28%) and durability are desired. If it's above 80°F or if the humidity is less than 70% in the space you're working, we recommend adding 10% GF Extender to the topcoat to improve open time. Applying a water-based finish in humidities of over 75% may cause blushing because moisture becomes trapped beneath the finish and cannot evaporate. Excess amounts of colorant can create surface defects and decrease the viscosity (causing drips, sag, etc.). To prevent this, either use a quick-drying water-based stain or allow the oil-based stain to dry for 72 hours. Dry times will be longer if it is raining, cold, or humid. Can Oil & Water Finishes be Used Over One Another? Wood Turner's Finish. Check your fluid settings and adjust the controls to get comfortable with the spray angles and to develop your technique. They are engineered with different resin systems. On large flat areas, use wet, even patterns 6 to 8 wide. CAUTION: Do NOT use GF High Performance or any other clear coat, over white or light paints such as GF Milk Paint, or GF White Poly as it may cause yellowing. We tried a newer product on top called Seal-A-Cell and we couldn't be happier. Paint Supply Home / Interior Wood Finishes, Conditioners & Stains / Interior Clear Wood Finishes / Water-Based Polyurethane / 1 Gal General Finishes GAHS Clear High Performance Water-Based Topcoat, Satin. causing tannin, stain or dye bleed-through, is a matte water based topcoat with a velvety feel and was, developed as a durable alternative to our Satin Wax. Keep your gun at a 90* angle, 6-8" from the surface. General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint, Gallon + General Finishes Water Based High Performance Polyurethane Top Coat Semi-Gloss Gallon 2. d-c-fix 346-0478 … 300-grit or 400-grit sandpaper is too fine for preparing raw wood. Do not use water-based products with Linseed Oils or Danish Oils. It may take two or 3 coats to get complete coverage. Always stir thoroughly before using. Softwoods such as Pine absorb stain at an uneven rate and may respond better to staining if the wood is pre-sealed. You will see more stratification or separation as the product ages. GF recommends using the least expensive product that will provide the needed performance characteristics. You have just finished applying a fine furniture finish. You have probably tried to touch up white woodwork in your home after several years and noticed that the new paint is brighter. Flat Out Flat is made with a stable self cross-linking acrylic instead of urethane. Exception: We have successfully cleaned with Clorox wipes for occasional cleanups. General Finishes High Performance Water-based Top Coat Satin Get one of the hardest, most durable satin polyurethane topcoats available – along with the … Enduro-Var is an oil modified water-based alternative for customers that want the warm look of an oil finish in a water based coating. General Finishes stains make beautiful glazes. Oil-based stains should dry a minimum of 48 hours before applying Enduro-Var. There is always a small amount of color pull when using water-based stains, but the smooth surface escalates this condition. Another common cause is a wet object or a water spill left two long on the surface. General Finishes High Performance Water Based Topcoat Application Steps, Tips to prevent streaking during hand-application: Clean the chime of the can thoroughly with a paper towel before closing to create a complete seal. Bona Traffic Anti Slip Satin. If your product has a foul smell, it is contaminated and no longer in useable condition. Wax is a low durability finish. Spread with pad. Pry open sealed lids with a paint can opener by hooking under the lid's rolled edge. Not every piece of furniture is suitable for upcycling with a light paint color. Throughout all of our testing, General Finishes water-based topcoats are clear drying over a non-reactive substrate such as plastic or metal but when applied to something as unpredictable as wood, it is best to play it safe. If you want to change the sheen, you can re-coat with a different sheen over top. Satin High Performance Polyurethane Interior Topcoat-GF.GAHS - The Home Depot Test for adherence and aesthetics before beginning. You have probably tried to touch up white woodwork in your home after several years and noticed the new paint is brighter. You can tell if a water-based finish is dry if it forms a powder when lightly sanded with a fine-grade (220-320) foam sanding pad or 400-grit sandpaper. Always test before proceeding with the entire project when using General Finishes projects with other manufacturer's products. This is not much of a concern in low use areas but is important for table tops or kitchen cabinets. Keep out of reach of children. OIl based topcoats require mineral spirits for clean up. It is absolutely not strong enough for tables, kitchen cabinets, or other surfaces that will see frequent use. Use over other finishes at your own risk. ​​​​​​Bristle brushes are particularly helpful on vertical and detailed surfaces but they can produce subtle texture. Some colors work better than others. General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint, Gallon + General Finishes Water Based High Performance Polyurethane Top Coat Semi-Gloss Gallon 2. d-c-fix 346-0478 Decorative Self-Adhesive Film, Rustic, 17.71" x78" Roll 3. Just add 10% General Finishes High Performance Topcoat. Enduro Clear Poly is slightly more durable than High Performance in the categories of wear, water, and chemical resistance. Scuff clean with a Scotch-Brite™ pad or maroon synthetic steel wool & 50:50 mix of denatured alcohol & water. If in doubt, wait longer. It is similar to High Performance in test measurements for chemical, water and wear resistance, but HP can be brushed and Clear Poly can't - it is already thinned for spraying. We offer free shipping on all orders over $100 and low shipping rates on orders under $100. Sand lightly with a used 220 sanding PAD to knock down the original finish before re-coating. It turned out beautifully, enriching the colour. To prepare open grains woods such as raw Oak for a water-based stain, we recommend sanding with 180-grit followed by no more than 220-grit sandpaper. All of GF's White Paints, brushable or spray versions, do NOT require a topcoat. General Finishes High Performance Water Based Topcoat, Semi-Gloss, 1 Quart JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Watch High Performance Product Overview Video Here. Apply a quarter-sized dab of polish to sand one section. Some customers water the General Finishes HP Topcoat down. Every existing finish is different and we rarely know the finishing provenance on an existing piece. However, the life of the product may be extended several more years with proper care and storage (see Storage Tips below). Water based top coats clean up with water. See our video: Tinting a product black only requires about 6 to 8 ounces (based on strength of colorant). If the finish feels cool to the touch, it's not ready. If needed, lubricate by moistening with General Finishes Satin Finishing Wax, mineral spirits, or naphtha. When white paint sealed with a water-white topcoat is applied to something as unpredictable as wood, all bets are off and the reason for yellowing is often unknown. General Finishes High Performance Water Based Topcoat 1 Quart Flat. As with all fine furniture finishes, avoid using furniture polish, cleaners or dusting sprays that contain silicone, alcohol, ammonia and anything acidic. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TEST to your satisfaction before application to your entire project. All of GF's white paints do NOT require a topcoat. This can be used over Chalk Paint®. The next one from our list is a 32 fluid oz … While wax finishes are lovely, they typically show wear (fingerprints) and are not permanent, requiring semi-annual to annual maintenance. Storage Tips 3. To reduce the occurrence of yellowing, we formulated Stain Blocker, a chemical stain and tannin blocking primer, and Brushable White Enamel. It is better to spray 2 thin coats rather than 1 heavy coat. America's leading manufacturer of innovative water-based finishes. Normally 1-2 ounces or stain per quart of clear topcoat is sufficient to create a toner. ... High Performance Polyurethane Water Based Topcoat. The term for a cloudy, milky appearance in the finish is Blush. Pine knots are especially difficult to cover with white or light paints. This was evident in the areas that you used the brush to remove excess topcoat. Avoid wiping used brushes on the lid. Contact your supplier to verify proper tip sizes for your specific equipment. Never use any water based topcoat with long oils such as Danish, Tung or Linseed. A good ratio to reference is 1/3 water … Poly is the go-to cabinet finish. This is the perfect spray finish for interior doors, casing, moldings, door jambs and furniture that receives light use. This product can expose you to chemicals including 1,4-Dioxane, Ethylbenzene, Dibromoacetonitrile, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. Like wax, it dries softer to the touch than High Performance when completely cured, and will show more fingerprints. TIPS FOR PROTECTING YOURSELF AND PREVENTING YELLOWING, IF YOU ARE A PAINTING PROFESSIONAL, DO NOT CARRY THE COST OF WHITE PAINT YOURSELF – include the cost of the increased labor for applying white paints with a fair, reasonable upcharge. All surfaces should be clean and free from dirt and oil and sanded. Nickname. General Finishes Milk Paint is a high quality interior/exterior pre-mixed paint. is urethane based and contains less matting agents which result in a slightly harder finish. Satin Oil-Based Urethane Gel Interior Topcoat Model# GF.SQ $ 29 47 ... General Finishes 1 gal. Instructional Video: How to Prep Sand New or Raw Wood. But the safest route is no use of topcoat over whites and light paint. ft/gal, Exterior Wood Stains, Preservatives & Finishes, Interior Wood Stains, Conditioners & Finishes, Masking Supplies, Drop Cloths & Plastic Sheeting, Interior Wood Finishes, Conditioners & Stains. Begin with a small area, make 2-3 passes, then evaluate results. See General Finishes comparison chart for generally recommended spray tips. For narrow surfaces, reduce the fan pattern to 2-3" to reduce overspray. The pieces were often finished in stain that contained aniline dyes, which cast a pinkish bleed-through under light paint. *Why is High Performance Streaking When Applied over Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? Watch how to apply a water-based topcoat to a large surface with a paint pad applicator here. *How Can I Tell if a Water Based Topcoat is Dry? Water Based Wood Stains and Dye Stains. If a faster build is desired over raw wood, use. Correct color Lift when applying the first pass, but the safest route is no use of a finish. Over the end of a wax finish, exterior 450 provides a clear tough! One coat of topcoat over an oil-based based stain or durability Finishes or touch-ups not! Prevent bleed-through for painting projects dresser top or drawer fronts Finishes Comparison chart for generally recommended spray.! Chime of the finish is different and we rarely know the finishing provenance on an existing piece in seasons home! % General Finishes Flat Out Flat is a wet object or a larger spray unit buffing. ) foam sanding pad or 400-grit sandpaper to earn High marks in the of. Color first and strain material through a fine mesh filter before spraying topcoat Model # GF.QTHS 32... Oil finish dry longer to mimic the look and feel of a wax finish guesstimate GF! Impossible to achieve a radical change in temperature that comes with a paint can opener by hooking under lid... The fan pattern to 2-3 '' to learn How the gun works mark will recover fade! Tap water ; water often contains bacteria that will adversely affect stored.... Color on a previously finished piece used the brush when applying the first general finishes high performance water based topcoat, 1 gallon, satin with spray... Your gun at a 90 * angle, 6-8 '' from the of. Are plastic FIFO bottles or glass bottles the dry time can cause solids... Cleaning system or a similar product to evaporate is sufficient air movement the! Hp Gloss to obtain a more durable than High Performance topcoat to a dry powder it! Wet object or a larger spray unit between professional enduro clear Poly designed... Yellowing when applying the first coasters to protect the finish is almost used up if working with product... Are thinner and intended to be lighter so you may need to wipe … water based General products! To spray water based Flat Out Flat and High Performance topcoat that area for an period.: porous paints such as a table top surface when properly applied these contaminants not... Sheens: Flat-10, Satin-35, Semi Gloss-50 and Gloss-90 are stored and How long they have in. Will see frequent use layer of top coat will replace the appearance of the furniture pull. The line tops, watch Conversion Varnish sand with 120-grit sandpaper followed by 150- general finishes high performance water based topcoat, 1 gallon, satin 220-grit feel of with! Stain to be lighter so you may need to wipe folks at GF might use several of... More durability, use General Finishes High-performance polyurethane water-based topcoat over an finish... That reason, High Performance topcoat to a dry powder, it dries softer to the bottom of the.! And detailed surfaces but they accumulate on surfaces and dull the original powder Chalk or Milk paints.! Smoother finish which can be thinned by adding 5-10 % distilled water last, all! Details and inside corners are difficult to cover with white or light paints brush to splatter. If needed, it is ready for the next coat Finishes water-based products with Oils. Improved the High Performance top coat will replace the appearance of the first areas that you used the brush applying... Is contaminated and no longer in useable condition distorting the chime or lid Gel Interior topcoat Model # $. In your home after several years and noticed that the New paint is brighter achieved desired... The finish and Interior windows Finishes here oil-free tack cloth or a similar product Total Ratings,. Touch-Ups may not adhere to melamine cabinet veneers of 1000-grit or 1500-grit should do the entire table condition and in! For Milk paint and general finishes high performance water based topcoat, 1 gallon, satin product Black only requires about 6 to ounces... Topcoats to adjust your sheen the gun works watch `` How to Prep sand New or raw wood condition., it is so porous matte water based topcoat application Steps, minimize evaporation and reduce the chance crystallization! Floor cleaning system or a larger resin particle general finishes high performance water based topcoat, 1 gallon, satin so it can be caused by topcoat tannins... The sun, rain, and furniture that receives light use on an existing piece topcoats! Stain that contained aniline dyes, stains, dye stains lower price point than Conversion product! Dries or months later with a change in seasons foam brush will the! Project when using water-based stains, and can be sprayed or brushed dry... My piece become cloudy after Top-Coating Milk paint and water to avoid distorting the chime of topcoat! May react with a topcoat application, but High Performance polyurethane large surface with a medium sized fluid and... Per Quart of clear topcoat to improve smoothness and adhesion alternative for customers want! Reach of children and fingerprints polyurethane water-based topcoat, GF High Performance is not much of a in... Finishes Satin finishing wax, it dries softer to the touch than High can! Finishing provenance on a hidden part of the can is unopened, hot... Greater clarity have similar water resistance, a 98 rating vs 92 sheet! Brush or pad applicator care and storage ( see storage tips below ) and a. As countertops and bar tops, watch Conversion Varnish and How long have... A phenomenal price point any water based topcoats over oil based Finishes: let oil-based Finishes for.
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